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Immigration Bond Referral Service

James Lawrence Associates, LLC is delighted to partner with Subversivo as a Immigration Bond Referral Agent.

Subversivo's bring immigrants home!, out of detention so that they can fight their case. No GPS, No COLLATERAL and No LIABILITY referral program has been responsible for securing over 30,000 immigration bonds in a trial, true and fair method for over eight (8) years.

James Lawrence Associates, LLC, we are confident our collaboration serving the Immigrant communities and those who may be in Immigration custody and/or need Immigration bond assistance is our divinely-inspired purpose. Subversivo's (SubV) is successful when our families of participants is successful.

James Lawrence Associates, LLC, we ARE NOT bail agents.We are not probation officers. We are not the government, and we are not Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE). We love immigrants, and simply put, we are here to help you!

Bond Securitization that’s who Subversivo’s will work with you to find a bond company where you pay ZERO collateral.